Warehousing & Inventory Strategy

Warehousing and Inventory Strategy a Better Way

Warehousing and distribution is about more than storing and sending. It’s optimizing the facility layout including the placement of product, labor and equipment to better meet service expectations. It’s about painstaking planning, value-stream mapping, SKU slotting and location footprint analysis. It’s about lean thinking and operational excellence. In short, it’s about creating the most cost-effective warehouse efficiency measures, taking the deep analytical insights you only get from a supply chain engineer at Velis. 

Inventory Optimization

Inventory optimization comes in many forms, including conducting reoccurring SKU rationalization processes, developing an inventory strategy to minimize cost while meeting customer demand, avoiding stockouts, overstocking, and backorders, or determining where to locate and slot your product within your warehouse walls. At Velis, we understand how your inventory and strategy has a direct impact on efficiency, cost, and key performance indicators.

Facility Layout & Design

Whether you are building a new warehouse or modifying an existing facility, the layout and design has a direct impact on the efficiency of your operations. The efficiency of your warehouse is determined by key decisions that are not easily reversible such as layout, process flow, and material handling equipment selection.

Labor & Resource Planning

The process of identifying the required needs within your warehouse to achieve maximum efficiency while simultaneously reducing costs. Our supply chain engineers have the tools to help you determine operator staffing requirements or production line requirements to meet your business objectives.

Bottleneck Identification

A system is only as efficient as the bottleneck which it contains. Whether you are having difficulty identifying a bottleneck, or attempting to quantify the impact of a new piece of machinery on your production line, Velis can provide the guidance to aid your strategic decision making.

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See How We’ve Tackled These Warehousing and Inventory Strategy Projects a Better Way

Anheuser-Busch Logistics Support

We recommended additional entry/exit lanes, a second scale, and process changes that would yield a 62 percent reduction in the check-in/check-out duration, greatly enhancing warehouse efficiency.

Wentzville Warehouse Development

We prepared a traffic impact study for a 1.3 million square foot warehouse development on behalf of a supplier to the GM assembly plant in Wentzville.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana Traffic Study

Toyota’s Manufacturing Plant in Princeton, Indiana was experiencing traffic congestion at employee shift changes and conflicts between staff and truck movements.

Fenton Logistics Park

We supported US Capital Development with site planning for a 300-acre industrial park located on the site of a former Chrysler assembly plant in Fenton, Missouri.

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