Supply Chain Design

Managing Your Supply Chain Design a Better Way

We approach supply chain network design with an engineering perspective. That means building and modeling your network a better way—a more comprehensive way—taking into account your costs, the time associated with bringing goods to market, and the resources you need to do it from a broader, more analytical and more effective point of view. The end goal is to create the most efficient network design possible, meeting the demands of your customers and vendors, at the highest return on investment. We analyze facility locations, distribution centers, potential stores, transportation resources, assumed delivery times, fleet routing and much more.

Network Optimization & Design

Evidence-based analysis to uncover how to most effectively serve customers, optimize resources, and expand or consolidate your organization.

Facility Location Modeling / Greenfield Analysis

Intelligent modeling to predict the best locations for your distribution centers, warehouses, or general footprint based upon the current state or future projections.

Customer & Facility Assignment

Aligning the right location to serve the right customer for the highest level of satisfaction while balancing costs and resources.

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Champaign-Urbana Freight Movement Study

We supported the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission with their first ever regional freight study.

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