Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics a Better Way

The fewer loads, the better you can utilize your drivers. The more miles are minimized, the less the fossil fuel consumption. Transportation management system optimization looks beyond the logistics costs and also takes into account loading patterns, modality, realistic route and even the environmental impact of your emissions. As supply chain engineers, we understand the importance of reducing freight spend while increasing service levels and finding new transportation planning and optimization opportunities along the way.

Transportation Optimization & Routing

Transportation optimization looks beyond the basic logistics costs and also takes into account loading patterns, modality (Truckload, LTL, Intermodal, etc.), accessorials, realistic route and even the environmental impact of your emissions.

Transportation RFP Management

Navigating your freight spend and carrier RFPs can be a daunting project, especially with the added pressure for costs to decrease and service levels to rise. To get the most accurate and effective bid from your carrier network, it’s critical to have a detailed process outlining all relative expectations and information. Velis can guide your firm through the entire process, from developing your market strategy and RFP packet to analyzing multiple rounds of carrier rate submissions for final awards and implementation – all while achieving your most important objectives.

TMS Procurement

Visibility and execution are essential to a company’s transportation network, and Velis will help identify the best technology for your needs with thorough support from initial procurement through completed implementation.

What Can we Help Answer?

  • Am I spending the correct amount on transportation compared to my competitors and the overall industry?
  • What shipments should be handled by my private fleet or 3PL providers to best execute my freight?
  • How many drivers and trucks do I need, or how many 3PL providers should I work with?
  • How do I route my private fleet for optimal service and lowest cost?
  • What is the best software or platforms to manage my Transportation?
  • How do I conduct the most effective Transportation Bid possible?

Let’s Do Things a Better Way

See How We’ve Tackled These Transportation & Logistics Projects a Better Way

Keefe Group Transportation Optimization

We performed a transportation optimization to identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve customer service levels.

Ameren Ash Transport Evaluations

We completed an assessment of the costs and logistics for the extraction, stabilization, and transportation of coal combustion residuals from ash pond systems.

Greater Egypt Freight Study

We supported the Greater Egypt Planning Commission with identifying future freight trends for their five-county region in southern Illinois.

On-Site Fuel Transportation Optimization

We provided transportation optimization services for a multi-state fuel delivery company.

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