Simulation & Process Modeling

Simulation and Process Modeling a Better Way

Simulation is a powerful tool that can be used to model small or large, simple or complex manufacturing, warehouse, or distribution processes. Simulation is often chosen due to its flexibility in terms of customization, and is the primary tool used to answer the “What If” question. Whether you are attempting to mitigate a bottleneck, gain confidence in your design process, reduce costly design mistakes, or justify initial capital expenditure for equipment, simulation is the right tool to support your analysis. 

3D Modeling & Simulation

Typical 2-dimensinal CAD drawings can only convey so much information. Viewing a 3-dimensional model of a new warehouse, distribution center, or equipment (ie. conveyor systems, ASRS systems, racking, mezzanines) is a simple way to depict a solution to stakeholders whom may have varying levels of knowledge of these systems. Whether you are a distributor attempting to add value in your sales cycle, or seeking approval from management to procure new equipment or system, Velis can provide a solution which benefits your needs.

What Can We Help Answer? 

  • We are looking to purchase automatic guided vehicles within our warehouse, how many do we need to purchase?
  • We purchased a new piece of equipment which was supposed to increase production, why is our manufacturing line still under performing?
  • How can I increase the utilization of my current work force?
  • We are anticipating an increase in demand, how can I increase the throughput of my system?

Let’s Do Things a Better Way

See How We’ve Tackled Simulation and Process Modeling a Better Way

Anheuser-Busch Logistics Support

We recommended additional entry/exit lanes, a second scale, and process changes that would yield a 62 percent reduction in the check-in/check-out duration, greatly enhancing warehouse efficiency.

Wentzville Warehouse Development

We prepared a traffic impact study for a 1.3 million square foot warehouse development on behalf of a supplier to the GM assembly plant in Wentzville.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana Traffic Study

Toyota’s Manufacturing Plant in Princeton, Indiana was experiencing traffic congestion at employee shift changes and conflicts between staff and truck movements.

Fenton Logistics Park

We supported US Capital Development with site planning for a 300-acre industrial park located on the site of a former Chrysler assembly plant in Fenton, Missouri.

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