Optimizing Your Supply Chain a Better Way

What is Supply Chain Engineering?

At Velis, we are a team of engineers, committed to optimizing your supply chain. Supply chain engineering integrates suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses and locations to maximize storage and transportation. By emphasizing the design and precision of the supply chain network and incorporating applied sciences, analytics, and mathematical models, Velis delivers the most optimal strategies.

This approach requires a team like we have at Velis, with a unique set of strategic, tactical, and operational expertise. Supply chain engineering is the next generation of supply chain consulting: merging the best of consulting and engineering to produce stronger, longer-lasting results. 

Learn more about why supply chain engineering is a better way to approach logistics, and why it’s at the foundation of everything we do. Download our ebook, What is Supply Chain Engineering and Why Companies Need It.

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Our 6-Step Process is a Better Way to Optimize Your Supply Chain

Formulate Problem


We begin by ensuring we have a clear understanding of our clients’ current processes, their challenges and goals for improvement. 

Collect Data

Collect and Analyze

This step is actually three phases in one: collecting available data, understanding current constraints, and specifying the criteria for enhancements or changes.  

Generate Solutions

Generate Solutions

We develop as many high-quality and creative supply chain design solutions as possible. We explore all options and available resources to generate the optimal outcome.

Evaluate Alternative Designs

Evaluate and Select

We look closer at all our alternative solutions, weighing expected results against costs, feasibility, risk and more. The best solution is then presented to the key stakeholders.

Specify Design

Specify and Implement

Effective execution is the most critical step in the engineering process. The goal is to create the most thorough procedures and generate the most advantageous results.

Assess Design


We collect data under real-world conditions, evaluating and fine-tuning as needed, as well as establishing a path for future, continuous improvement.

Let’s Do Things a Better Way

See How We’ve Tackled These Projects a Better Way

Keefe Group Transportation Optimization

We performed a transportation optimization to identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve customer service levels.

Ameren Ash Transport Evaluations

We completed an assessment of the costs and logistics for the extraction, stabilization, and transportation of coal combustion residuals from ash pond systems.

Greater Egypt Freight Study

We supported the Greater Egypt Planning Commission with identifying future freight trends for their five-county region in southern Illinois.

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