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Your supply chain efficiencies can be improved, your process can be elevated and your bottom line can be lowered. You just need the assurance of having the right partner. You need the supply chain engineers from Velis.

At Velis, we deliver end-to-end supply chain strategy from a more in-depth, knowledgeable, and experienced point of view. We tap into our manufacturing, industrial and systems engineering backgrounds, as well as our planning and logistics expertise, to identify trouble spots and find ideal solutions faster and better.

Engineering a Better Supply Chain

Our team of supply chain engineers powers a full suite of capabilities to evolve a client’s supply chain, start to finish.

Network Design

Supply Chain Design

We’ll create the most efficient Supply Chain Network possible, meeting the demands of your customers and vendors, at the highest return on investment. We analyze where to locate facilities, how much inventory to hold, what customers to serve from where, how to setup your logistics program, and so much more.

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Simulation & Process Modeling

Simulation is a powerful tool that can be used to model small or large, simple or complex manufacturing, warehouse, or distribution processes. Simulation is often chosen due to its flexibility in terms of customization, and is the primary tool used to answer the “What If” question.  

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Warehousing Efficiency

Warehousing & Inventory Strategy

Warehousing and distribution is about more than storing and sending. It’s optimizing the       facility layout including the placement of product, labor and equipment to better meet service expectations.

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Technology & Data Analytics

Velis’ supply chain engineers have the knowledge to utilize descriptive, diagnostics, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to understand what is happening, why it is happening, predict what may happen, and provide new insights to increase efficiencies across your business. We’ll even help with software procurement to identify the right tool for your business needs.

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Transportation & Logistics

As supply chain engineers, we understand the importance of reducing freight spend while increasing service levels and finding new transportation planning and optimization opportunities along the way. We help with Transportation RFP’s, Logistics Analysis and Optimization, TMS Procurement, and more.

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The Supply

Begin with a foundation consisting of strong statistical analytics and modeling, and layer that with sterling business expertise, adroit research, and design wizardry. Then, back it all with sophisticated, powerful software—along with the mastery to use it. The result is an approach that’s as unique as it is extraordinary.

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Keefe Group
Keefe Group
Keefe Group
Keefe Group
Keefe Group
Keefe Group
Keefe Group

Get Smarter About Supply Chain Engineering


Supply Chain Engineering & Disruption

Throwback to April 20, 2022, when Velis & NC State hosted a Supply Chain Engineering 101 virtual panel discussion.


5 Simple Steps to Get Started with Supply Chain Design

Velis & Optilogic hosted a webinar, laying out a practical guide for initiating supply chain design in your business.


On-Site Fuel Service Transportation Optimization

We performed a transportation optimization for On-Site Fuel Service, a fuel delivery company. We used advanced software to determine solutions that lowered costs and improved customer service levels.


Improving Inbound Logistics Operations

Inbound logistics is a vital step in warehouse receiving processes that has direct impact on supply chain cost and performance.


Keefe Group Study Overview

Keefe Group is the leading supplier of various products to the correctional market. We performed a transportation optimization to detect opportunities to cut costs and improve customer service levels.


Transportation RFP Management

Navigating freight RFPs can be daunting. In 2022, we saw unprecedented levels of tender rejections, rising fuel costs, unexpected mergers & bankruptcies – and a growing demand to adopt new technology.


Anheuser-Busch Warehouse Entrance Study

Anheuser-Busch was experiencing truck congestion entering and exiting their Granite City, Illinois Distribution Center. We recommended additional entry/exit lanes, a second scale, and process changes.


Get Your Truckers Moving

Consumers are demanding more customizable products, lower prices, and faster delivery. As a result, a company’s supply chain has become a critical competitive differentiator.


What is a Supply Chain Digital Twin?

Modeling and simulation are common practices, used by organizations every day for decades. Knowing how certain factors will affect your operations is vital to forecasting and strategic planning.


Supply Chain Engineering Defined

Supply chain engineering is a better way to optimize your supply chain.


Lochmueller Group Announces the Launch of Velis

Lochmueller Group, a consulting firm with offices throughout the Midwest, specializing in planning and designing state and local infrastructure improvements, has announced the launch of Velis, LLC.

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