On-Site Fuel Service Transportation Optimization

Founded in 1996 and located in Brandon, MS, On-Site Fuel Service (OSF) is a privately owned, 24-hour diesel and gasoline delivery service for clients in 10 states across the nation. OSF uses their dedicated fleet of tanker vehicles to deliver fuel to client’s vehicles and equipment during off-peak hours, and in turn, enables clients to maximize productivity during working hours.

OSF’s number and types of clients vary across different cities, states, and regions. Prior to this case study, OSF’s efforts have been focused on the operational level rather than the strategic configuration of their current network. For this reason, it becomes vital to optimize current resources such as fuel delivery trucks, truck drivers, and helpers for increased efficiency prior to expanding into new markets.

Read more about the On-Site Fuel Service Transportation Optimization services and the results in our whitepaper.

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